1. How much space does the breed require?

Not a great deal. Borzois are quite happy to curl up in a surprisingly small space, preferably on a comfortable chair or sofa.

2. What is the breed’s preferred environment i.e. indoors/outdoors etc?

They love to be indoors and spend time with their owners, but can find modern homes rather warm, which can lead to a lot of coat shedding. There is also a danger they will turn into couch potatoes, so the ideal is for them to spend some time outside each day. They will live very happily in kennels provided they are not alone.

3. What is the breed’s ideal daily exercise routine?

An adult needs at least an hour’s exercise per day and most enjoy more. Free running in a safe environment is absolutely essential for this breed and this should be balanced with a certain amount of road walking.

4. What are the breed’s grooming requirements?

The silky coat is deceptively easy to manage. A thorough groom once or twice a week is sufficient unless the dog is moulting heavily. If the dog does get wet and muddy, the majority of the mud will just fall out once the coat is dry. Obviously any burrs etc. acquired at exercise need to be removed immediately to prevent the formation of matts.

5. What are the particular 'strengths and attributes' of the breed?

They are a quiet dignified breed who are very affectionate to their owners. To see one galloping flat out is to watch poetry in motion.

6. How much previous experience of dog ownership should a person have before considering the breed?

Ideally a reasonable amount. This is a big, powerful intelligent breed, and they can be quick to take advantage of a novice owner.

7. Is the breed naturally inclined to get along with other pets and children in the household?

This should not be a problem as long as they are introduced at a young age. Many breeders prefer not to sell puppies to homes with very young children, as Borzois are a sensitive breed and will not appreciate rough handling.

8. Any special considerations?

Never forget that this is a hound with a strong prey drive. Careful training from a young age is necessary to prevent him chasing anything small and furry.