Life at Ryazan

We moved to this 1930s built bungalow in 1992 and have done a lot of work to it since then. It is set in a picturesque location with 4 fully-fenced acres of land forming an elongated L shape.

We have amassed quite an extensive collection of Borzoi related items here.

The Borzois live in a converted stable block with free access to a 0.75 acre run and there is a covered run for puppies nearby. Pups are moved outside at about 4 weeks old after being born in the house.

All the adult dogs’ free exercise is taken on our ground when they accompany one of us as we walk around the perimeter twice a day. There is always something new to arouse their interest and sometimes they catch a rabbit or a bird, usually a pheasant. They also enjoy up to an hour’s road walking daily.

Every evening they take it in turn to come in, two or three at a time, to be couch potatoes, thus enjoying the best of both worlds.


Imogen                                                 Giselle

Haydn & Heather

The final resting place for their ashes is beneath the willow tree.