(9.2.11 - 7.9.23)


Anton was a very sweet-natured gentleman who won his first CC and BOB at Crufts 2013,

then swiftly completed his title aged just 2.5 years.

He repeated his Crufts win in 2014 and won the CC there again in 2016.

He had 12 CCs with 8 BOBs, plus a Group 3 placing.

He was Top Borzoi for 2014 and Borzoi of the Year in 2015.

 He was also Borzoi Puppy of the Year in 2011 and 2012.

Anton was the sire of the Ryazan 'J' litter.

He was tested DM clear.


3.5 years



Competing in the hound group at Crufts, aged 3 years


2 years 10 months


Winning his second CC aged 2 years 4 months


Competing in the hound group, aged 2 years


Winning BOB at Crufts aged 2 years

Photo by Alice Van Kempen


19 months


Winning his first reserve CC aged 13 months


13 months


7.5 months


7 months


5 months


7 weeks





CC Crufts 2016 Judge Trevor Jepson (Pasquinel)
CC Bath 2015 Judge Alma Abrahams (Jamarqui)
CC & BIS Northern Borzoi Association 2015 Judge Jill Chapman
CC & BOB South Wales 2014 Judge Mark Cocozza
CC & BOB Windsor 2014 Judge Margaret Masterman (Santerman)
CC & BOB Scottish Kennel Club May 2014 Judge Jeff Horswell
CC, BOB & Group 3 Birmingham National 2014 Judges Espen Engh (breed) & Per Iversen (group)
CC & BOB West of England 2014 Judge Christine Spencer (Strelkos)
CC & BOB Crufts 2014 Judge Roger Heap (Rae)
CC Hound Association 2013 Judge Sue Simon (Gatchina)
CC Southern Counties 2013 Judge Unto Timonen (Finland)
CC & BOB Crufts 2013 Judge Gina Rose (Stonebar)
Res CC Richmond 2018 Judge Barry Rimell (Borodino)
Res CC Windsor 2016 Judge Vic Harrison (Saringa's)
Res CC Borzoi Club 2015 Judge Marina Ostrovskaya (Russia)
Res CC Scottish Kennel Club August 2015 Judge Lisa Tyler Jackson
Res CC Windsor 2015 Judge Ronald James
Res CC Richmond 2014 Judge Allan Hill (Azka)
Res CC Northern Borzoi Association 2014 Judge Chris Mayers (Tcheria)
Res CC Richmond 2013 Judge Alma Abrahams (Jamarqui)
Res CC Manchester 2013 Judge Keith Thornton
Res CC Driffield 2012 Judge Chris Mayers (Tcheria)
Res CC Scottish Kennel Club Aug 2012 Judge Jean Malley
Res CC Hound Association 2012 Judge Barbara Long (Bacaret)
Res CC Hound Association of Scotland 2012 Judge Julia Clarke (Jolanda)
Res CC & RBIS Northern Borzoi Association 2012 Judge Jeff Horswell
1st Limit D Bath Ch 2013 Judge Shirley Rawlings
Best Limit Northern Borzoi Association Ch 2013 Judge David Smith (Mistraka)
Best in Show Borzoi Club Open June 2013 Judge Su Cooper (Yadasar)
Best in Show Hound Club of East Anglia Open November 2012 Judges Lisa Tyler (breed) & Wendell Moore (BIS)
Best Puppy in Show Borzoi Club Ch 2011 Judges Roger Heap (Rae) & Espen Engh
Best Puppy Crufts 2012 Judge Dee Langley (Zoribo)
Best Puppy Manchester Ch 2012 Judge Ronald James
Best Puppy South Wales Ch 2011 Judge Jill Edmeades (Dymer)
Reserve Best Puppy in Show Hound Club of East Anglia Open November 2011 Judges Marina Orlova (breed) & Phil Freer (BPIS)






Ch. Rothesby Sholwood Snow Hawk

Rothesby Ice Diamond of Driftcombe
Ch. Rothesby Seahawk
Ch. Rothesby Savanna
Ch. Rothesby Snowqueen
Ch. Rothesby Wind Falcon
Sholwood Snow Orchid

Ch. Ryazan Heather

Ch. Rothesby Seahawk
Int. & Ger. Ch. Sholwood Silver Fox
Ch. Rothesby Serin of Sholwood
Ch. Ryazan Giselle
Ch. Starborough Gorse at Redbanner
Ch. Ryazan Maeve