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I've had borzoi for 30+ years, with previous help from my friend Jean Rampley and her Swiftcroft line. I finally lost my last, 14 year old lady 2 weeks ago and am looking to find a young boy and girl to bring home to our 4 and a half acres on The Pilgrims Way at Kent. I am having NO luck whatsoever. Do you know of, or can you suggest any avenues I have not yet tried as I can't reach anybody to talk to on the numbers given me by the KK? Thank you.
Regards, Linda Phibbs

Admin reply: I knew Jean Rampley very well and my Ch. Jolanda Ivanhoe of Ryazan was the sire of the bitch you have recently lost.

I am planning to mate Ryazan Portia in August but of course there is no guarantee that I will have any puppies available. I can add your name to my waiting list if that would help.

Otherwise I can only suggest that you contact the Borzoi Club on theborzoiclub@ymail.com They will be able to give you details of any puppies or rescues currently available. Unfortunately there are few reputable breeders active at present. I would advise you to avoid any puppies advertised cheaply on the internet as they are often bred from poor quality stock and may not be well reared or socialised.

Added: May 12, 2016
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Wonderful web site! love the coursing pics. the descendant page is really impressive. I remember the first four dogs - hard to believe it has been that long - and what a sweet dog Tosca was.

Admin reply: Great to hear from you again. Where have all those years gone? Two of the bitches that I have now, Natasha and her daughter Juliet, are very like Tosca so the type has carried on through the generations.

Added: April 22, 2016
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Hello there! It was wonderful to read about Betty Murray in the guest book ! I acquired a lovely boy from Miss Murray in 1972 .Fabian of Fortrouge, and just wondered If you remembered his parents! Ch Rodgivad Brigand,and Zolushka of Fortrouge? I remember him to this day! Thank you

Admin reply: Hello,
I remember this 'F' litter very well. I knew the sire Ch. Rodgivad Brigand and the dam Zolushka was the litter sister of my very first Borzoi, Zion of Fortrouge.
Fame stayed with Miss Murray for a long time and she found it quite a wrench when he was eventually sold to France. Fanfare and Frolic went together to friends of mine and I used to see them quite often at shows.

Added: April 16, 2016
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hi jean , I will be in the uk from feb 20 till march 4 ubfortunatly no for fun my last relative died and I have to be at the funeral in Southampton on mon 23 as I haven't been home for over 10 years I decided to stay for two weeks , I would love to come up a see you if that is possible

Admin reply: That would be great Alan. I've sent you an email.

Added: February 17, 2016
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as a former owner of Ryazan bronwen and the most wonderfull friend of all time Ryazan odin I cannot praise jean enough for the wonderfull dogs that have shared my life.
long live Ryazan
alan collard and toni would agree too

Admin reply: Thank you Alan.

I do miss seeing you and Toni around the rings here but it's great that you keep in touch.

Added: February 16, 2016
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I stumbled across your site by accident and was very pleased to do so. I too worked at Miss Murray's veterinary practice in the 1970's, whilst still at school, and fell in love with borzois as a result. I qualified as a veterinary nurse in 1979 and have worked in the veterinary industry ever since. I have never been lucky enough to own a borzoi (I have always had collies) but there is a lovely red and white borzoi who lives locally and reminds me of my time with Miss Murray and the dog, Nicholaus, that I used to walk as a child.

Admin reply: Great to hear from someone who also has fond memories of Miss Murray's practice. I remember Nicholas and his sister Nicolette very well. He was a big masculine dog with a lovely temperament who eventually went to live with a friend of mine. I hope you will fulfil your dream of owning a Borzoi one day as once you have been captivated by the breed it is hard to escape their thrall.

Added: January 16, 2016
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Hello from Australia.I fell in love with Borzoi's when I was a child but wasn't able to own one until I was 42. Sadly my first darling boy puppy passed away at 18 months of age. I now have Ruski who is an ex show dog and is 8 years old.He was rescued from a breeder who no longer wanted him and had advertised him on a site frequented by shooters looking for hunting dogs. He is very shy and we suspect he has also been mistreated at some stage so we are trying to give him all the love he has previously missed out on. I enjoyed your website and reading more about these beautiful, gentle creatures. Thank you, Fiona.

Admin reply: Hi Fiona,

Thanks for your comments and I am glad you enjoyed the site.

Pleased to hear that you finally have your Borzoi but so sad to lose your first one so young.

Added: February 28, 2015
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Private post. Click to view.

Admin reply: Hello Callum,

Thanks for your message. I do hope you will become a Borzoi owner one day.

Both the Borzoi Club and the Northern Borzoi Association run rescue services so they do sometimes have older hounds in need of a home. There are links to both clubs on my site. It would probably be a good idea to put your name on their waiting lists in case a suitable dog comes up.

If you do decide you would prefer a puppy, we are hoping for a litter in the spring. If that's too soon, keep an eye on my site for future breeding plans.

Good luck!

Added: January 11, 2015
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I had the pleasure of meeting my first Borzoi in Edinburgh on a short holiday last week and have been doing research on the breed since arriving home from Scotland. I fell in love with the soft silky coat right away. Your site has helped fill in the gaps of knowledge. We don't own a large home with lots of space indoors or outdoors so I'm still not sure if a Borzoi is the right dog for us. However, we do have lots of walking paths shared by other families with dogs, some large, in our small town. I don't have access to fields where they can run freely. Would that be a problem? I've read about shedding but do Borzoi shed seasonally or all the time? I've only owned small dogs in the past, high maintenance Bichon Frise dogs, which didn't shed at all but required lots of grooming and bathing at least once per week. Now that I'm retired from teaching, I'm truly serious about owning a 4-legged companion, not a cat, considering a Borzoi.

All the best,

Admin reply: Pleased to hear that you are falling for the charms of the Borzoi and glad you found the site helpful.

You don't need a large house as Borzois are not at all clumsy and are happy to curl up in a corner, preferably on the sofa!

Borzois do shed a certain amount of coat all the time, more so if they live in the house, but with your experience of the Bichon coat you should be able to manage the grooming with no problem. Entire bitches do usually have a heavy moult twice a year after their seasons but on the whole males don't shed so much although they do have a heavier coat.

Walking on paths is fine but the breed really does need the opportunity to run free as well. In the UK it's usually possible to drive out of town and find somewhere suitable for exercise. Other alternatives are renting a field or making arrangements with a local boarding or greyhound kennel to use their paddocks. Hope you will be able to find a solution that will enable you to own one of this wonderful breed.

Added: September 26, 2014
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Very informative I enjoyed your site very much. I have had my Borzoi 2 years and 6 months. One of the sweetest breeds I have ever owned. He is quite shy no matter how I try to have him interact with people other than immediate family but he seems to just want to hide behind me. Although usually if people let him come to he is better and may go up to them. I got him at 11 weeks and prop ably wants socialized enough. Either way he is a sweet boy and I've just never had a sweeter dog.

Admin reply: Glad you found the site interesting.

Borzois are renowned for their very sweet temperaments. Some are more reserved with strangers than others, but as you have found it's always best to let them make the initial approach to someone new.

Added: June 30, 2014
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